Monday, August 11, 2014

HP Appreciation Dinner

It's HP Appreciation Dinner, held at One World Hotel. The theme of the night is French. Employees who registered were given a chocolate complimentary and free flow beers and wines before the dinner begins.. 

Appetizer: Salad served with Smoked Salmon and Salted Garlic
Love the presentable salad and the combination of and smoked salmon

Appetizer: Oatmeal bread served with butter. 
I'm a butter lover but this butter kinda creamy and tasteless

Appertizer: Creamy Mushroom Soup

Main Course: Roll Chicken served with Apple Pie

Dessert: Carrot Cake served with Canberry sauce. 
The carrot cake kinda sweet to me

That night lots of lucky draw prices were given away and the entertainment were great. I assume everyone are enjoyed with their fabulous lucky draw.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Day 3 at SKIMA Conference 2013

Desserts were served during the presentation.
I love the rice glutinous matched the egg pudding. The egg pudding melt in your mouth and the crunchy rice glutinous.
It was the last day of SKIMA Conference held. In the morning section, the final presenter presented their papers. 

Group photo of us

Best Paper Award. was given

Congrats to the two people who won the best paper award. They were entitled the free registration for SKIMA 2014 at Bangladesh. How cool is it. SKIMA committee want to thanks all the members for making this SKIMA conference successful and to us for participating the conference. To those who joined the tour trip are given 20 minutes to have our lunch. It was rush for us. Minh couldn't join us as she have her duty call to do her reporting. Pooja, Nadiah, Paul, Richard, 'the local thai who studied in Germany' (I forgot his name) and me joined the tour trip. It was a double deck bus.

First destination: Masae Elephant Camp, a place where you can witnessed the elephant playing football, netball, and even painting.

The elephants are playing football

The elephants are painting

The painting painted by the elephants are up for sale. It's unbelievable. They can paint better than me. Somehow, I do miss painting back to my young age.

Me and Michel Tognini.

Kinda scare to approach the elephants.

Second destination: Orchid Farm. A beautiful orchid farm.  

Third destination: A Silk Factory. A factory where you can see how worms produce a silk, how they process or making a silk.

It was a clear sign stated 'Please Do Not Touch' but I ignore the sign and touch it. Still no idea what is that in powder foam.

The colourful threads.

After the tour, we headed back to hotel. We rest for about 15-20minutes while waiting for Minh to make a phone call to her family. She said she missed her daughter so much and her daughter is only.... (I forgot the age but I know is she is starting to learn how to walk). 

Paul brought us to a restaurant which he normally dine here. Everyone of us are so hungry. Before we come to the restaurant, Paul need to drop Richard back to hostel to get his luggage to check out and catch a bus to Bangkok. It's kinda late though but lucky the owner of the hostel asking him to stay another night. I love the dessert that Paul's mom made. It's a sticky rice, kinda crunchy wrap it in a pandan leaf.  

I shall learn how to cook this dish. I should called it as salty fish. The chef apply the salt around the fish and grill it. You only can eat the fish meat not the skin because the skin is very salty. 

Seafood Soup; sweet and sour

Tom Yam Fish.

Overall, everyone of us enjoy the foods. It was a great food but the foods are spicy. Literally, my tongue goes numb because of the spiciness. Maybe this is the original Thai food? While the others spicy foods served in Thailand are not really spicy due to the tourist attraction. Perhaps? Richard couldn't take the spiciness so he drank a lot of water. Really a lot. His sweats out as he kept eating the spicy food.

Next round, dessert time. This dessert

Coconut syrup, crunchy chewy fruits (in light red colour) and lychee. 

Chilling a cold desserts in a cold weather. A word to describe: freezing
First destination of the night, The Night Market.
Varieties of foods.

Varieties of desserts.

Second destination of the night, The Night Bazaar.
A place where you can buy souvenirs.

So I guess this is it. The end of the night before saying goodbye to each other.