Sunday, August 23, 2009

Jamuan Tea Malaysia - Envie Club Lounge, Changkat Bukit Bintang

Before the day come, Keisha, Jen and all of us from 88DB busy calling up the guests, get sponsor, artist to join Jamuan Tea Malaysia. It's a charity event for National Cancer Society. Busy packing goodies bag; SHEiS Ice Mask, pen, ball, mug, slimming voucher and information about Cancer. This event falls on 14/8/2009 (Friday).

Cute lovely Keisha in sari.

Waiting for Keisha back from her cousin's wedding ceremony before head to Envie Club Lounge to start the set up. Had Hainan Chicken rice. The restaurant is next to Sungai Wang.

Envie CLub Lounge.

Envie Club Lounge embodied in French design. There are two floors. 1st floor bring you dance area, bar, and luxuries area (private soiree). 2nd floor is a open air terrace furnish with bar.

Melvin aka MeowMeow.

Busy preparing.

Cup of tea cost RM15.

The lady stand besides me is Ms.Joy. She is one of our PLP clients. She is Art teacher who teach children using oil painting. Her studio is at Bangsar. Her ad have been change for 6 or 7 times. Her perception always change. Keep changing from time to time. It is one of the fussy client. Hard to deal with her.

Melvin vs Helen (top sales in 88DB).

The gal on the left is Dana. She is doing her Intern and study at UCSI university. She is from Mauritius. Not Malaysian although she look like Malaysian's Indian. Well, she said she hate living in Malaysia.

One of our PLP customer; Live Music Band.

She is one of the high comm of National Cancer Society. She's here to give speech about Cancer awareness. Not only women do have breast Cancer, men do have too.

Here's the goodies bags and the soft toys.

This lady who holiding a mic, she is a cancer surviver stage 4. She share her experience how suffer, the pain, medicine, she have undergo. When she consult doctor, doctor told her that she diagnose to breast cancer which is in stage 4. Her hair started losing, weak, depressed, lost the 'semangat' to fight this war. For the sake of her children, she got to strive till the end. She said that her right hand couldn't lift high due to operation. During the operation, the doctors take off the limps under ther armpit. She showed us her wound. It is very deep wound.

After the speech, the party begins. This is Urban Groove.

Me and baby Ian...

Mr.Chan and Ho.

The gal dancing Belly Dance. She is petite and showing her sexy Belly Dance.

Thanks guys~~

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