Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Memories of University Life

Yesterday back to MMU, present on my final year project. Step in FOM building, the memories still linger fresh in my mind. I used to hang out, yam cha and club till in the morning(6am I guess) with my sisters, close friends, course mate, and lecturer. I really miss my study life. Now everyone have their own path to walk through and build up their career. Good luck, buddy!!

~Beta Year~

Orientation - Suffer with heels (wore whole day), wear formal, hair (trying to hide my highlighted hair), strict rules (strict than PKN), lack of sleep and woke up early in the morning. Here where I know Noreen (same group with me during orientation), SiewYeng (hostels' roommate), BoonEng(coursemate), and Gan. The gals are my sisters.

Celebrate BoonEng's birthday. From here, I knew Sam, Terrence, and Thean. I still remember how all of them tease me with Sam (same midterm marks, using same handphone etc..)

Management presentation. Meet the beauty; Natalie, Penn, Esther, and Annabelle. During the lecturer class, Mr.Ho sat besides me and SLEEP. Aikss.. This is a good example you guys should learn. wakaka... There I knew Ho, Johan, David, Teh, Issac, YuLoon, TzeYang, Tang etc...

Here taken where we have our lunch with Hani, and Sopiah at Hassan.

This photo was taken before semester break. Camwhore everywhere.

English presentation. I only remember a few of them; SanNee, Hafiz, Artika, and Nurul. Sorry for the others, I can't remember you guys' name.

Tea Time. If I not mistaken, that time boring so Inoki aka SiewYeng and me went to BoonEng's room chat and camwhore. Haha.

Here we went to Seminyih Orphanage's House for community service (Moral). We do have fun playing with kids.

Another English presentation...

That day is Samuel's Birthday. All of us gather to celebrate his birthday. Before that, 3sisters, Calyn, Ho, Johan, and me had our dinner before go to hostel celebrate Sam's birthday. Tang was playing guitar and all of us sing along (Birthday songs).

We had our dinner at SK. I think the restaurant closed down. Had a small gathering before semester holiday.

Ho, BoonEng, Noreen, and Inoki came to my house stay overnight (Thaipusam, public holiday). Organised a small tour for them. Haha.

I went to Banting find Mr.Ho during CNY with Agnes and Issac. Ho drive us to the temple and he forgot to switch on the light. It is so dangerous! He claimed that he too long did not drive. Goshhh.

~Gamma Year~ That day is BoonEng's birthday celebrate with her housemate (Sam, Kai, ChiaCheng, SiewYeng, Noreen), Thean, Terrence, Tang, Gan, CK, Jimmy, Tony, and some people from Tourism Club.

Camwhore in hostel with sisters and Eunice.

Club at Euphoria with my besties, Vanice, my uni frens and Vanice bf's frens.

Celebrate Amy's birthday at Wong Kok, 1U.

Green Club event.

Appreciation Dinner.

Random picture.

Green club organised a trip to Bukit Cahaya.

Global Peace.

Japanese Intergration.

My sisters celebrate my birthday at Cyberia playground.

Dinner at Waterlily with SiewYeng, Eunice, Calyn, and Ho.

Lepak at a park and drink beer with thean, and close friends (Gan, and Ho).

~Delta Year~
New Year countdown. -Happy Family-
Go Green Event.
At Zul's house. I can't resist the cokodok (banana) aroma and milo. Yummy. Zul can you post the cokodok to me??

Farewwell to the old people (Gan, Christine, LitShiuan, Thean, VeiSee, and me).

Celebrating Jimmy's birthday at Jogoya.

This time club with CC, and her frens.

Sing K at Neway, Puchong with pretty housemate.

LeeFung, I adore you so much. XOXO.

Prom Night at Sunway. My pretty housemate.
Thanks CC organised a suprise birthday for me. Muckkk XOXO.

A suprise birthday from Ho. At last my wish granted.

I quite 'untung' got lenglui celebrate my belated birthday. Ngek ngek ngek...

Internship at JobsDB. My department~

Jamuan Tea Malaysia at Envie Club Lounge, Changkat Bukit Bintang.
I miss it so much.. I rather study than working. So little brother sister, enjoy your uni life now!! XOXO

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