Saturday, January 16, 2010

Day 5 - Seol

Morning breakfast - Thai food but more to Korean style..

Ginseng factory is our next stop.

Next stop is Ice Sculpture. The weather is freezing and yet they have this ice thinghy.

Then we have ice craving. Crave a mug.

Our ice mug design.

From left; dad's design, followed by mummy, me, CC and Edmund.

Mum won the ice craving mug.. Number 3.

This kiddo get first price.

Lunch - Ginseng Chicken.

Inside the chicken got 1year old ginseng and glutinous rice and added some ginseng wine in your bowl.

Here we are crystal factory.

Next stop ladies street. Damn freezing.

Cant stand the cool, so stop by that the coffee shop, Seven Monkeys Coffee.

Cheese Cake.


Caramel Coffee.

Espresso Shot.

Forgot what's the name of the coffee..

Here is the village of traditional house.

Group photo.

Blur.. Camera too cold.

Here is shopping center.

Dinner time.

'Sui Kow'

Where is this place? This place is Walker Hill - casino. It is small but they provide services like order drinks or tit-bits then they serve you to your place.

Bunny gals.

Back to hotel. Celebrate New Year with milk and tit-bits and instant spaghetti.

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