Thursday, February 25, 2010

CNY - Day1

It's been a week I did not blog due to CNY. Back to work as usual but still I'm in the mood of enjoying. Yeahhhhh.. (Lazy to blog ><)

Next day, my family and I balik Bentong, Pahang. I miss my grandma dishes especially duck.. I can't resist it.. But granny said wanna to change the cooking method which is really not good. I prefer she cook the one that she used to cooked.

The weather is hot.. Hot Hot Hot. CC, Joel, Juliana and me go out find for ice cream. It is best to have ice cream under this hot weather.

This is my cousin's daughter.

Juliana, Juliana's dad, CC and me.

CC took a picture of mine sleeping.

Dinner time.

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