Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 4 - Wuzhen

Wuzhen, we here. Breakfast better than yesterday. Morning call at 8am. Still tired, still in sleeping mood. Yawnn~~

Wuzhen Water Village where you can feel the reflects of the past.

Got Bed museum too. Which dynasty use the bed and the design of the bed.

Chinese Liquor Factory.

Daddy bought two for display perhaps.

This is best lunch I ever had. It is better than others lunch or dinner I had - sweet, salty and oily.

Whereis this place? Fungshui Shop.

The sales person trying to persuade us to buy. Then my mum told them that she is Christian. Guess what she say, you shouldn't came in to our shop, SPOIL our Fungshui. What the heck. You are talking to tourist, do you notice that. Even drink their tea, also need to charge. Daddy and sis immediately stand up and walk away. The sales gal said I was just kidding, who would want to pay for this 50bucks just for drinks.

Zhebei Leather Market. We are waiting for our bus. At the replica branded handbags.

Camwhore with the status.

Dinner. The dinner cost are cheap and delicious especially the soup.

Love this.

This for sure.

Reach hotel. Pack our stuff and took bath before hunt for supper.

This is Guilin noodle but not exactly alike.

We order a few and pack back to hotel makan. Almost every night, we have eating party and the room is a mess.

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