Thursday, August 12, 2010

Soon Soon Lye Salmon Fish Head, Puchong & Porridge, Taman Bukit Maluri

Last Sunday went to Puchong look for Soon Soon Lye Salmon Fish Head. The restaurant is opposite Boston cafe. They use only Salmon and Cod Fish. You can choose either deep fried or fresh cook fish head. One bowl cheapest cost RM 8.50. The price are different depends on which part of fish you prefer to eat.

It's kinda disappointed cause all is the bone, dun have the fish meat. I kena gigit by the fish's little sharp teeth.

Nothing much to eat. Fish bones only.

On the way to 1U, honey drop by a stall where it sell 'ya char kay'. The shop is opposite Restoren Jackson, PJ which part of PJ. I'm not so sure then. Hehe.

I love to eat this.

'Ya Char Kay'.

We watched Inception acted by Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe etc. The movie really makes you think and wonder where is it about. The story line is about a technology exists to enter human mind through dream. To them, a single idea is the most dangerous weapons and valuable asset in one person's mind. The movie is about 3hours.

'Kong Pow Frog'. Sedap gila.

Fried Intestine. RM4.

'Chi Chup Porridge'.

Century and Pork Porridge.

Honey: How much is the fried intestine?
Aunt: RM4
Honey: So expensive.
Aunt: Of course. Nowdays, everything expensive. Last time intestine and other organ part do not sell, just give away whoever wants. Now charge even expensive.
-I don't know how the topic came that she talked about her pregnancy moment-
Aunt: My husband and I don't smoke but when I'm pregnant I ask my husband to buy a cigarettes so that I can smell although I cant smoke. It's weird. Things you dun like to eat, you will tend to eat. Just like my daughter. In the middle of night, she told her husband that she want to eat wan tan mee. Her husband got to go out in the middle of night search for wan tan mee for her. Lucky there is a restaurant selling. If pregnant lady can't eat the things that she want, she will not be comfortable or unable to sleep at night.

That's a day out with my honey. Guys, please take note on what the Aunt said.. Haha..

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