Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Day Class in Master

Master of Knowledge Management is under FCM (Faculty of Creative Multimedia), dun asked me why is it not at FOM (Faculty of Management). Cause I have no idea. I was searching the class and a Iranian asked me where is the class. I told him that I do not know and I'm looking for it. I saw him before during the registration day. We were at second floor, then go down to first floor then ground floor. The class is at ground floor. As I step in, seems like I'm the only local. This is what the admin told me during the registration day. It is indeed. There are 35students; 1 Malaysian which is me, 1 Indonesian and the balances are Iranians.

Dr.Ken: What background are you from?
Student 1: IT
Student 2: Psychologist
Student 3: Micro-biology
Student 4: Engineer
Student 5: Business
Dr.Ken: Wow!! Why you guys here?
Student 6: MONEY! We study for MONEY.
Dr.Ken: Haha. Ok. Asked what would you guys like to know about this Organizational Learning?

That's how the class started into a discussion. Everything is discussion unlike I study degree that time. Big difference.

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