Monday, August 29, 2011

Monte's Restaurant & Wine Bar, Bangsar Shopping Centre

Dennis brought me to Monte Restaurant and Wine Bar which is located at Bangsar Shopping Centre. The environment is spacious and homey type but the air-cond is very cool. 

A total agreeable of this quote.

Bread with Butter.
Suppose breads are dip with Escargot sauce but I'm just too hungry, couldn't help myself.

Nachos; topped with chicken pieces, curry potato and a thick layer of cheese dip with either salad or cream cheesy type.

Escargot; baked and basted in Chablis and Garlic sauce.
It was just perfect combination, heaven tempting! Loving it. Perfect to dip your bread with the sauce.

Prawns and Pan Grilled Fish Combo; Caramelized tomato prawns with grilled fish fillet.
I love the tomato sauce cooked with prawns and grilled fish. It is one of the recommendation dish.

Spaghetti Vongole; With clams, chilli and garlic in clear sauce.
I don't really like it but I prefer Spaghetti Vongole at Bel Pasto, Aman Puri. My bro and I used to go there had our dinner (consider a regular customer).

Cake of The Day. I forgot the what is the cake name but I remembered there are nuts in the cake.
It is sweet, very sweet till I want to puke. (Hope that they can reduce the sugar amount of the cake itself.)

Address: Monte's Restaurant and Wine Bar, Bangsar Shopping Centre, F112, 1st Floor, West Wing.
Telephone: 03-20941112

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