Monday, January 23, 2012

Photoshoot at Port Dickson

Happy 2012. A new year begin with new resolution. 
Wish myself throughout the whole year goes smooth same goes to everyone.

Rais asked to do photoshoot with his new lense that he bought. Had the photoshoot at Port Dickson. Vivian and Ben tag along. The journey to Port Dickson take two hours (cause we took old road in order to avoid toll). What the heck, right? So cheapskate. In fact, Vivian had to get something from her mum's clients in Sepang.

Models wanna-be; Me and Jeeva.

Reach Port Dickson around 6pm. The weather was sunny yet stuffy. It's good for photoshoot under this kind of weather according to Rais. The whole photoshoot thingy took about an hour. Well, everyone did enjoyed but Rais got attacked by headache due to hot weather.

Rais' piece.

Bens' piece.

Nasi Kukus Ayam Panggang.

It's one of the famous food located at the road side. The whole theme in the cafe is cowboy. The dish was nice, juicy but it does not fill up my hungry stomach same goes to others.
After dinner, we sent Vivian back to Seremban and chilled out at her house before heading back to Cyber. 

Ben and Rais, the photographers.

Address: Cowboy Place, Watie Beach Cafe. Lot 1360, Jalan Pantai, Batu 6. 71000 Port Dickson.
Telephone: 019-3088302 Andy

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