Friday, May 18, 2012

Al Halabi Lounge, JW Marriott KL

Mother's Day Mother's Day Mother's Day. What will you do or plan to celebrate with your beloved mom? I bet everyone of us including me will be struggling to buy gift. Some of us might brought your mom to a dinner, plan a holiday with her, or buy a gift. For me, I go for traditional (or should I said typical) way to celebrate Mother's Day which is treating her dinner, Arabian food at Al Halabi Lounge. To be exact, CC treat. It was a beautiful outlet at JW Marriot Hotel. The decoration itself where you can fit yourself as if you are in one of the Middle East restaurant with Middle East local people dinning in. Also, Al Halabi Lounge is a branch of Tarbush. 

Happy Mother's Day, mommy! Stay healthy :*

Al Halabi Lounge.

Tabouleh; Salad of chopped parsley, tomatoes and onion with touch of lemon juice and olive oil. A good salad indeed. Just perfect combination of lemon juice and olive oil.

Kibbeh; deep fried minced lamb.

Look like pita bread but it is not actually. Inside of the bread have minced lamb.

Mixed Grill; Shish Tawook, Shish Kebab, Lamb Cubes and Grill Prawns.

Bread; Warm and fluffy.

This is how you should eat the bread. Add meat, tomatoes or fries in the warm bread and EAT it!

Lamb Chop; Lamb chop grilled in Tarbush way.  Perfect marination lamb chop!

Arabian Mint Tea

Mahalabia; Milk cream pudding garnished with chopped pistachio. The cream pudding melt in your mouth with the combination of pistachio taste. Temptation!!

So, how do you guys celebrate Mother's Day? Simple?? 

No matter how, not just Mother's Day or any celebration, parents want their children to be home safely and do stay healthy. I do wonder in future what kind of mom will I be (wondering really hard) and will be wonder what my children do or plan on the Mother's Day (felt happy? bless? No idea. Just have to wait till the days it come). Lastly, Happy Mother's Day.

Address: Lower Ground, JW Marriott Hotel, Jalan Bukit Bintang. 55200 KL.
Telephone: 03-21433886.

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