Saturday, January 9, 2010

Day 2 - Arrive at Korea

In Korea, the time is early an hour. Woke up and ate my breakfast in the flight.

CC had omelet, me and my mum had fried rice.
Daddy had his fried rice and my bro had omelet too..

Finally we reached Korea. Backbone and my butt kinda pain. 6 hours flight! I can't imagine how would it be if I'm going to Europe country. I beat my backbone is not comfortable at all.

At Incheon International Airport.

According to Wikipedia, Incheon International Airport is the largest airport in South Korea and one of the largest and busiest in the world. This airport rated the best airport in the world and rank in 5 star by Skytrax. Incheon International Airport located at Incheon (West) and Yeongjong-Yongyu Island (West Coast). Before that, there are two separated island; Yeongjong and Yongyu. the distance between the two island are covered by the sea and form into one island (Both iland are part of Incheon city).

Got down from the flight we went to Family Mart known as 7 Eleven. Don't know why on earth we find for MILK. I love Strawberry Milk. Tasty Yummy!. Actually brought one for honey but end up I drank it. Hehe. I know I know I tamak. Forgive me, please~

Don't get us wrong, we're trying to blow the cold air out.

Lunch. Left above is seaweeds, kimchi and dried fried toufu. Below I duno except for ikan bilis. Haha.

It is freezing outside. It's nice to have a hot steamboat to warm our body. People there eat beef and lamb either lunch or dinner to warm their body. I mean the rich oil of beef and lamb.

I'm exicted can't wait.

Hot pot rice. The ingredients are cooked, just stir it and you are ready to eat.

Frozen bacon beef.

Steaming, Cooking, Boiling.

I wonder how the dog can stand this weather which is -12Celcious.

Here we are at the beach. Saw the ship?? That is the hotel. Cool~

Damn it, it's freezing especially at the beach. The wind blow to your face and you can felt you face, nose, mouth, hand and foot are numb. The tears and flu fall without feeling. No way you can feel it.

Arghh can't stand the cool. Faster snap it then we chiao.

Three of us busy find our zodiac sign.

At last I found mine. I turn for 2round to find my tiger.

Dragon belongs to her.

Sun shines. It makes me feel much better than freezing.

By 6pm, the the shine weather got to go back home and it's time for night weather to take over. Time to jaga pintu rumah. We are heading to Daepohang Fish Market where North Korea pelarian come to here to avoid war fight. Government provide a accomodation then this place slowly growing into a famous place where not many of the tour know the way to reach here. Goshhh!! The male toilet and female toilet gabung into one.. They dun care whoever there or opposite of the gender, just do their business.
Can't stand the cold.. FREEZING. Can't wait to get in the bus. Bus got heater NO air-cond for winter season.

Welcome folks.

Snow dog or wolf type dog?? They are tame.

Next we went to street. There are variety of foods and stuffs too. This is the first stall, my family n I stopped and asked what is it and bought some to give it a try. It's something like kuih muih. Delicious. Serve it when its' hot.

This is roll bun sausage. Nothing paticular.

Sausage. They cook for you once you order. It is nice to have a hot drinks and hot food eat to warm your body.
Pork. Delicious. Beneath is Korean maggi cup.

Dry Fried Toufu goes well with the hot soup.. A sip of soup I felt satisfied, it warm my body. It was freezing order the food and pay for the food. You need to take off the gloves. My dad and mum's hand shivering coz they feed three of us.

Here got fried prawns and squids. At first I thought the squid is a piglet if look from far. Haha. CC go and poke the squid. I want how come their squid is so fat!..

You are the one that I can't forgot. It's SEDAP GILA!
They put meats, carrot, vegi in the squid. That's why their squid look fat.

Don't ask about this. I dare not try it.

Look at the Escagort. It's big, bigger than the one I had ate.

We pack some food back to hotel for SUPPER then walked down the street and I saw they sell variety of seafood that Malaysia tak jual.

Choose either fish or prawns or squid, lobster, or crab then find a place to sit they cook for you. Fresh food coming~

Creepy fish.


'Chut Chut'

Dried fish.

I'm eating Escargort.

He having his fried prawns.

Here we are. Our dinner time.


Fried prawns.

Chili sause.

Fried fish.

Kimchi. According to our tour guide Brad, lady must know how to make kimchi if not they can't get married. Ladies are given four working days another one day off for them to go back learned how to make kimchi. It's their culture. After you had lunch or dinner, always drink a cup of coffee because kimchi have a bad breathe. Kimchi is a MUST in each meal, without kimchi they will not eat their meals till kimchi appear.

Isn't it delicious??
Finish our dinner, finally we back to hotel.

Having our supper.

Koreans' coin.

Mandarin duck.

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