Monday, January 11, 2010

Day 3 - Mount Sorak and YongPyong Ski

Breakfast at hotel. Package our luggage together, staying at different hotel.

Breakfast - bread, sausage tomato, omelet and fried potato.

Here we are Mount Sorak. It's a National Park.

This is our tour group include me and my family 20 people.

Again we jump.

Chestnut. They use machine to cook different than Malaysia.

The view of Mt Sorak.

Frozen flower and leaf.

My shadow is flying.

Folk wishes.

Taken by photographer CC.

Panda and the mountain represent the symbol of the Mt.Sorak National Park.

My dad look like perompak.

Lunch time.

Sardin Fish. Sedap!~

Fish soup. It is delicious Soup among those soup I had tried in Korea.

After lunch, the tour guide bring us to rent sweater, and the ski equipment.

Here we reached Yongpyong Resort. Tour guide gave us 15minutes to put our laugage in the room and get changed. SKI time~

My bro looks like Korean guy~

Chris the tour guide and my dad.

Trying to make snow man.

Back to hotel took a bath, rest a while before had our dinner.


Glutinous Rice.

Reach hotel.


Closer look.

Another closer look.

Snow fight.

Korean gals and CC.

Hunt for supper.

Three of us had korean maggi mee and cream cake - supper.

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