Sunday, February 28, 2010

CNY - Open House

Devil me: Mana ada open house party?
Angel me: Sini. Kat rumah I...
Devil me: Bila, what time?
Angel me: Friday, 7pm.... (I'm using my imagination-day dreaming maybe. Haha)

Lou shang.

Left above: Bryan, Jenny, William.
Left below: Angeline, Sam, CC, Alex.

I don't have idea how Mr.Ho lou shang. Lou till left one chopstick, another one is in the food.

Firecracker. Beautiful ~

Left: Kary, Me, Melvin, Uncle Lam, Mr.Ho.

Mr.Ho, Me, Dexter and his gf, Ashley.

Poker game.

Around 1.30am, there are two people in such late night came to play poker. Haha. This is my card. CC, Victor and CEO said this is one kind of card they ever seen.

Lecturer Victor taught me how to play. Lecturer time.

Now is tutor time.

Spot the difference??

With glasses. Today is 15th day in Chinese lunar calendar which is end of CNY, Cap Goh Mei. In Chinese, Cap Goh Mei means Happy Valentine Day.

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