Thursday, March 4, 2010

What A Management

We do face Economic politic, Government politic, Office politic and etc. You know what. Fuck that management team especially GM insult me like that. He rather believe this P (He is an Indian guy.) The story is like this. Prakash told me about his salary increment. I tumpang happy for him. H (She is a top sales in our department). She felt unfair due to big gap of salary basic. Ex-GM and ex-colleagues give advise her to find a better opportunity. Last week she discuss with her boss, her boss explain to her but she felt unfair too so she gave resignation letter.
Then last four days, P text me, if management team ask him about fake appointment or whatever, dun reveal out. I promise but cannot fully promise. End up I'm was called to the meeting room. Everyone face are tension and muka masam. I haven't sit down that bloody full Gm scolded me 'Why you go spread the news that P get increment. If you are not happy then resign.' I was like wth. Why should I do that. Not only I knew, other department also knew about it. He is the one who told me. About this salary increment only three person know that is HR, boss and yourself. HR and boss will not tell anyone unless yourself go to tell them. I told him I did not, the other department also knew his salary increase. He asked me who told me. I answered him it's P. They don't believe and say I'm lying. WTF. He also claim that he believe P more than me. Then fine. And he asked me 'I want to know the truth.' Then I cried. I cried not because of what. I'm innocence. Told them the truth, they don't accept and P keep deny that. I knew why P do that cause he want to protect himself. I understand. I told the management team(GM, Sales Manager, Assist Marketing Manager, Senior Marketing Exec and HR) 'You guys don't know anything about him. He hide a lot from you guys and yet you guys believe sooo much.' P got unsolve court case too, they don't know about this. But will they let him stay. Don't know they are dumb or what. All of them attacking me and ask to tell the truth. GM asked me to remember back when did he told me. I can't remember and ask me to look into his eye and tell him whether did he remember. It's useless cause P will keep deny about it. H told GM about P fake appointment these and that. He ask Y who is a sales supporter, what did H said is it true. Y said yes, P told three of us. Seems like the management team doubt H, Y and me. Macam pakat. WTH. Then Y remind me about the message that P send to me. Then I show it to Sales Manager. He asked me is it really P send to me. I was like WTH again!. H said of course la, you thought three of us pakat to get rid of P?? He seems quite then.

Yesterday, Kak (the receptionist) told me that HR and GM ask her whether did I say anything to her regarding about P salary increment and they told her not to believe on me. FUCK them. Kak told them the person you should beware is P. Duno GM nyanuk or what. Damn bloody old man still don't know how to differentiate who is lying who is not. Another great story. H told me that P admit that he did told me about his salary increment and fake appointment. Does management team need to give me explanation after I had prove on my hand?? Fuck them la. I can't believe he said I use tears to persuade them. Should I do that? And he ask Y to pakat with management team. Damn them so obvious want me become kambing korban. What kind of management is this using dirty trick to get rid of people. H also told me that he want to challenge me. Challenge what?? Challenge is it P's salary RM2600. If his salary is RM2600 then they will increase three of us salary 2k but if his salary is not then three of us got to resigned. WTF How could he say like that. Employer should protect the employee not challenge, what a naive thinking he have. DAMN BLOODY OLD MAN, DAMN ALL OF THEM. FUCK THE WHOLE MANAGEMENT TEAM. Damn piss off. Burn down this company. Not only insult me like that, my ex-colleagues also resigned cause of them. Using dirty trick. Don't like that person, they asked them to resigned. Not even have a proper well managed at all. I did not do anything wrong and I'm not the one who spread. Fuck all of them!! Arghhh. My first job ever.

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