Saturday, March 6, 2010

7 Sin Chocolate, The Garden (Midvalley)

I was walking around, just window shopping and this shop caught my attention. All white and there is a cake and cupcakes display. They do sell shirt, and top printed Delectable. If I'm not mistaken, it sell less than ten cakes and chocolates. This chocolate cake make me wanna to try him. Haha.


On top of it got cocoa powder, peanuts and chocolate.

From the top it's a Tiramisu, then chocolate then chocolate sponge cake.

Aww... Yummy. The first bite you can taste the mixture of the three layer and it's not sweet. When you begin your third bite, you will feel sweet. The chocolate aroma run through your throat. Perfect!

They do have their own website too.
I can't finish so I pack. Then I went to the toilet and I put it on the basin before I go to pee. I came out my cake GONE!. Who the hell want to steal cake!!!! Can't blame them cause the box are colorful.

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