Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Loaf, Pavilion

Before I went to The Loaf, I check out their website what's special about this bread. Their signature bread is red bean walnut bread cost RM0.99. You can see lots of people buy this bread. And another is Cheese in the cup. I choose Cocu Lola. I can't really remember the name. It's a coffee. They having promotion 1 cup cost RM2.80, 6 cup cost RM15 and I forgot the other package cost how much. It's kinda expensive to eat but it's worth it.

The top part is kinda hard a bit.

Let's say Cheese~

Use the spoon and take a scoop, you can see all is Cheese.

Place the Cheese in your mouth, you can felt the aroma and the cheese run through your throat till your stomach and you can smell coffee too.

Saw the brown and dark brown colour. That is a cookies, smash cookies... Delicious.

I duno how to describe it. Try it out yourself!

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