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Cambodia - Day1

Jum-reap soo-a. K'nyom tchmouch Angel. I know guys would be wondering what does it means. It is a Cambodia language. I translate: Hello. My name is Angel. The slang is more alike Tamil. First day from KUL to Siem Reap. 6am depart from my house to LCCT terminal. Reach at Siem Reap at 8am. Accompany dad go for vacation with qigong uncle aunt.

Siam Reap Airport

Uncle aunt busy looking for their passport.

The tour guide pick us up. His name is Nazrin. Nazrin brought us to hotel to check in before start our journey.

Their road path are red sand not tar that we use to see it and drive on it.

Since Nazrin given us some time, daddy and me walk around the places near by the hotel. As you can see not much local delicacy they had. Only two; pork bread and fried noodle (maggi mee).

Spotted a tutu while waiting the guy to prepare the order.

The part of the pork is fats. The fats pork that chinese people love to cook with it. 'Chu yao cha'.

Wherever you go to visit any temple you got to have this pass. Without the pass, you will be known as pendatang haram.

As you can see, all the green tree, grass are all dried up. You only can see green tree and grass around the temple only.

According to Nazrin, this month (April) is a dry season. April till May is dry season then maybe will have taufan disaster. November to February is cold season. The weather is super hot. Hotter than Malaysia here. During 1941, every citizen own a paddy field. Each land full of the golden paddy field when sun shines on it but now the land are costly. Cambodia main industry is tourism (tourist form China, HongKong, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, England, Australia etc), rubber tree, rice and corn. Unfortunately their rice is not that nice. Taiwan rice is super delicious. It is similar to glutinous rice. Citizen religion are Buddhism and Hinduism. Nazrin also highlited that Sungai Mekong is one of the tourist spot. I do heard before this river when I study history. If I'm not mistaken, it is the longest river in Asean. Cambodia is also rich in oil and woods which is more than 20 years in industries. Besides, Children Hospital are FOC (free of charge) who is sponsor by a doctor from Switzerland.

First destination: Rolours Group Temples; Preah KO (Hinduism, 9th century).

Do remember wear the pass all the time. Nazrin said that this temple have four species; Brama God, Vishnu God, Siva God and Gradual. Siva and Brama god have 8arms which bring 8direction. Each of their gods' head can have 10/8/5. Wow!! Gradual god have 6arms which also bring 6direction. According to Sanskrit, Gradual god is half men and half beast. According to the legend, there is a river bank near by the Rolours Group temples. It is a air suci or magic water. Back to the 9th century, Siva back from mountain to go back to he temple but Kilas not allow Siva to go in cause it...... I forgot. They were joining 10elephant's head into 1human body. I can't imagine how they can do it and I got no idea, no imagination on this at all.

Saw the 3tower. This temple has fully destroyed by Indra Brahman (King) only left 3tower.

This is ganish stone.

This is sand stone.

The Government trying to rebuild the structure using semen not original sandstone. Sandstone origin from the mountain. Last time those people use elephant as transportation to carry sandstone down hill. It is costly for Government to restructure the temple and it is not easy at all.

Second destination: Rolours Group Temples; Bakong (Hinduism, 9th century).

Oh God. Everyone seems can't stand the hot. It is hot. Terrible hot!! Keep sweating. My leg is kinda tired and muscle pain. Cause this trip need your leg strength to climb up and down.

Third destination: Rolours Group Temples; Lo Lei (Hinduism, 9th century). Lo Lei temple is a mountain temple.

OMG. It's damn hot. I wish the air-conditioner in the bus are cooler serving with cold water but unfortunately the air-conditioner are not working. Not cool at all! Tak sejuk langsung...

Here we are. We having our lunch in open air.

Steam Fish.

Fried fish. Sangat keras...

Local delicacy fried noodle (maggi mee).


Fried Egg.

Vege with prawn.

Tomyam Soup. It is like a plain soup.

Dessert; pineapple, fried coconut kuih and egg roll.

Water Chestnuts

This picture shows that we are about to reach temple. You will be able to see green trees around the temple. Did I mentioned that? I think I kinda already told in the previous. I'm having a short term lost memory.

Fourth destination: Angkor Wat (900years old). This temple was built by great Khmer King Suryavarman II from 1110-1155AD dedicated to Vishnu God.

The tour guide giving some introduction about Angkor Wat Temple.

The Hindu statue was replace by Buddha statue which is make of wood, stone and sand.

Saw the reflection of the temple? It would be a nice view when sun sets (Nazrin said). Quite a number of people having picnic here.

Story of the Angkor Wat Temple on the wall.

Here used to have water around the temple building.

The volunteer are praying.

Do you saw the staircase how small and how steep is it.

We are waiting to climb up the stair to see the scenery view.

Going Up.

Going down.

The Government working with World Monument fund to screen out the story of the temple on the wall before the evaporation of air and weather.

I have been seating like hell and the body are so sticky.

Fourth destination: Body Massage-Cambodian massage.

Damn relaxing but she curi tulang.

Dinner time.

Drinking beer time.

Yam Spring Roll.

Fried rice.

Tom Yam Soup.


Green Curry Chicken. Too sweet.

Uncle and aunt enjoying the liquor after dinner. Their theme song; we will we will yam sing or they sing Chinese song also.

Back to the hotel. Daddy and me follow uncle aunt to walk around to digest our food.

Night view market.

Is it look familiar. It looks like MMU logo.

I bet my leg will be pain tomorrow. Muscle pain!! Tiveah sour sdei (Good Night)

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