Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Real Jerk Asshole

Here's the conversation between me and Kimmy.
Kim: Tell you a big new
Kim: You know what C (from previous company) did?
Me: what happen? what he did?
Kim: He register an email "" to send to my company customer service & marketing..Feedback email acc attached my farewell email to you all and say bad about me.
Me: What? what the heck?
Me: Go sue him. How you know about this?
Me: He is so overboard. Go sue him!!
Me: He is really an asshole
Kim: How i dunno la
Kim: Email reach our mkt email and customer support mailbox
Kim: =.=
Kim: My boss so angry
Kim: Management know my case when I interviewed eh
Me: Then how now? your boss got question you something?
Me: How did C know where you work? go file a lawyer letter to him, cannot let him go away.
Kim: Hari tu.. farewell lunch, mesti someone spread out jor. I dun want to say who la.
Kim: My management say if next time, he will send formal letter to the company management. They also dun wish to receive non business related email
Me: Good good good
Me: Your boss do a good job.
Kim: My boss say biar saja.. dun step in the trap. One day he will trap himself.
Me: True true. Romours about that company among the staff getting aiksss.. Even my besties also cannot tahan. Boss snatch employee's clients and commission.
Kim: I also heard another story also la.
Kim: My boss say definitely this company got problem jor
Me: Duun bother la
Kim: Yeah.
Kim: No need care la
Can't believe that wreak, son of bitch did that. Is it he too free? That company not got lots of awaiting task for you to do. He is totally a jerk. A dog to that company. Really a son of bitch! Damn overboard. What I care. I'm aint no longer in that company.

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