Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 1 - Suzhou

The night before the trip I hardly get to sleep either I'm excited or hurt. Had a fight with honey. My mind keep thinking how come this and that bla bla bla. OK. I just got to stop and enjoy the day to come. China trip. Our flight is at 8m. Journey is about 6hours. Reach there about afternoon.

Uncle aunt and their son first time in the air flight.

Tired face of mine.

Reached Hangzhao Airport then headed to Suzhao for half an hour. Unbelievable, it is raining and windy and it's cooling too.

Here we are. First visit to Jiangnan famous Lion Forest Garden. The garden has Ming and Qing traditional architectural and structures.

According to the tour guide, there is a gal sitting near by the rock and the people wonder why is the gal sitting down there. Then they discover the rock do have 11 lions head.

Behind us is the 10 lions head (the rock).

Mr.Chui and Miss Chui.

Local fruits: Manggis (in bm), cherry and peach.

The bus stop.

Kinda a rush to have our dinner as we need to head to watch Shuzhao Culture Show.
Chicken with peanuts.

According to tour guide;KC, he told us that China people seldom eat rice. They usually eat dishes only but when they ordered the food, they ordered two for each dishes. Now you can imagine how full the table will be.

I love this eggs. It is smooth. Suddenly smooth criminal songs sang by MY cross in my mind. Singing while I'm blogging.

The Performance of Beautiful Suzhao Show.

The show is wonderful. The show end for an hour, we headed to our hotel where we gonna to stay there. We will be travelling from day to day as our destination are different.

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