Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day 2 - Suzhou & Wuxi

China breakfast are normal. They normally eat plain porridge, mini bun, fried noodle which is very oily. Unlike Malaysia buffet got variety. Morning call at 7.30am. After an hour breakfast, pack our laugage to the bus, continue our journey to Suzhou then head to Wuxi.

Silk Factory. Worm Silk - the worm is very very soft.

Below are the process of welding the silks.

This part is funny. the lady ask my uncle to poke harder to shows us that the silk is not easily torn but my uncle gave a punch at it till the silk holder fall down.

Here we are Shuzhou Museum.

According to the tour guide, the wall represent the paper and the mountain represent the drawing of the mountain.

Lunch time. Taofu or eggs is a must.

At Wuxi.

Here almost like Cyberpark.

Here so obvious is sell teapot. Daddy bought a tea pot too. Tea and teapot is daddy's favour.

This place we gonna sit the ancient war ship.

You can rent the ancient cloths to wear it on and take pictures of yours in it.

You can even ride the horse.

Dinner time.

The fish suppose is spicy but it is not. It is sweet.

I love this. This is potato slices and meats.

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