Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ipoh - Part 1 (Saturday Morning)

Ben, NC and PeiYee gather at my house. We depart from my house at 8am. Drive non stop till to Ipoh. We talked all the way but NC quite BUT she is interested in PeiYee's dad. Haha. You can see she can talk a lot. Dual personality bah... Hahaha... We arrive Ipoh at 10am and Ben ask, Can I eat something before I get faint. Haha.

We had Yong Tau Fu under the tree. Each piece cost RM0.60.

Pelbagai jenis Yong Tau Fu. Yam, Long bean that I rarely seen it in KL.

Folks, sedap kan? Betul tak?

Here's the place that we ate under the tree.

Kedai Makanan dan Minuman Desa Rishah where we are going to eat beef noodle and beef balls.

Beef Balls - I still prefer my grandma's house there. Hehe. Got chances bring you go there eat.

Total is 18.10.

Here we are Restaurant Nam Heong.

Pack 6egg tart and white coffee. Ben tamak he want 2egg tart for himself. Muahahaha.

Freshly baked.

Kedai Makanan Nam Heong.

NC enjoying the coffee.

We went to Sin Eng Heong, Kedai Biskut to take order. No, it's book and make reservation how many you want. Popularity is Kaya puff.

The owner so sombong. Cuba pun tak kasi.

Lou Po Ban will be available after Mid Autumn Festival.

Kaya Puff cost RM0.70.

Make an order then ciao to our next destination.


Ben Yap said...

Nice trip~~ have lot of fun... Thanks...

~@nGeL~ said...

We will organize again