Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ipoh - Part 2 (Saturday Noon)

The weather is getting hot. Here is erm.. Shit. I forgot what is the Cave name. I think you guys hsould know those who have been to Ipoh. Kinda tired drive long distance .


We bring along coffee and egg tart to eat and enjoy the wind blow through our face. It's chilling.

Mari makan.

Ben, NC, and PeiYee.

Next is Temple. There are 3temples here.

PeiYee kinda give up, maybe too long din exercise.

Here's another temple.

Sam Poh Tong Temple where you can see tortoise.

PeiYee dun want to be taken any pictures of hers.

I love this pictures. Why? Cause I can't believe NC act in this posted. Normally she will ignore. I say NO. NO. Haha..

Out of the temple and head to drink soya bean.

The stall square is same as the toilet. Public toilet.

Do you see the crowd? Linning up.

There provide drive-throu service.

They are on newspaper too.

Tau Fu Fa cost RM1.70 per bowl.

Soya Bean Drinks cost RM1.

これわなんですか?(What is this?)

It is salted chicken cost RM17.

You can see the shop so obviously. Coloured in white and red. It is near by the Tau Fu Fa in the area. Then we back to hotel to check in.

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