Monday, September 27, 2010

Ipoh - Part 3 (Saturday Night)

Half of our energy gone. Now we are at the hotel, took a shower and took a rest before hunt for dinner later. Here we are at Kedai Kum Kee where they sold kuey teow chicken leg and pig leg. We did not eat but we take away back to KL eat.

Kedai Kum Kee - Kuey Teow chicken legs and pig legs. It is nice but bit salty cause it suppose to eat noodle. Small portion cost RM3, big portion cost RM5 can mixed with chicken legs and pig legs.

This uncle said 'Take mroe pictures, then put it in Facebook'. Haha. He knows what is the current social network.

Beef Noodle is located opposite the primary school of Sam Tet.

Chong Kee Beef Noodle.

I love their chilli sauce. Thumbs up**

Sedap gila. It is indeed nice. If compare to the one I had at Taman Ehsan, it is totally different. The soup base different. This one is bit clear and you saw the put red dates to cook in the soup. According to PeiYee's dad, those KL people came here sure had up to 8bowls. I agree cause their portion is very small bowl. Per bowl cost RM3.50.

It is tender, and not overcooked too. OMG, I'm thinking to have it right now!!

This wan tan mee stall is just the same row as the beef noodle I had just now.

Their sauce is different than KL. Sedap also. They do not use black sauce. They use lard (pork oil), sesame oil, and soya sauce. Cost RM 3.40 per plate.

We are on our way to pick Jess up for dinner.

Restoran Ayam Tauke. Full house again.

This is Jess.

Jess having kuey teow noodle.

Ben having dried kuey teow mee noodle.

While the rest of us only eat chicken and vegi as we need to eat another round. Supper!!
Total is 52.80.

Restoran Tuck Kee where you can tried ciew chao.

I love this. RM5.

This. RM5.

And this too. RM5. Thumbs up Thumbs up****
OMG. My stomach gonna burst. Eat too full. We had 7meals in a day!!!

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