Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ipoh - Part 4 (Sunday Morning)

Alarm rang at 6am then I adjust back to 7am. Woke up, took shower and pack all my things so that I do not need to rush. We had our breakfast at Restaurant Foh San. PeiYee say must go there early cause it's always full house. Ben said, 'Later I'm gonna eat full full. So you guys eat little so that you can stuck the curry noodle.' Yup, PeiYee and her parents did mentioned the curry noodle are one of their famous food too. Go early get a table before sold out. It's hot selling curry noodle. Unfortunately, we couldn't ate much cause last night supper haven't really digest yet.

Dumplings rice.

Meat Pao (Signature Pao).

So called Mooncake Pao.

Chee Cheong Fun.

Siew Mai (Signature Dish).

Fried carrot. A must must to eat!!

Daddy's tea; Pur Er.

Fried Prawn(Recommended).

Century Eggs and Pork Porridge.

Homemade Fishball (Recommended).

The entrance of Foh San. Dim Sum one person cost RM14.10.

Take away counter.

I have noticed that Ipoh dim sum is different than KL. KL dim sum here are limited but Ipoh there, there a varieties of dim sum which you really can't finish it all. Wherever you go, should go and try it. No harm. At least you know what is the best, you will come back here again. Next, we are heading to Taman Jepun, it's a park where you can come here take pictures and jogging just like Desa Park City.

Perak Cave Temple.

Do a little praying and wishes to the god.

Ipoh Train Station.

The weather is so hot. Everyone is thirsty, looking for cool drinks to quest our thirst. PeiYee brought us here - herbal tea.

I'm having mata air kucing. It's better a lot then in Petaling Street. Not so sweet. Just nice. Petaling Street there selling too sweet and little. Quantity little where ice is more than the water.

Kedai Kopi Chang Jiang. Ben claims that this coffee is better than Restaurant Nam Heong.

Bought a packet for mum.

These egg tart are recommended by Jess. It is better than Restaurant Nam Heong too.

Back to hotel, took a shower, pack our things and get ready to hit back to KL. Then we went to PeiYee's house to pack her stuff and get our chicken and biscuit that we had made a reservation. Suddenly, 4of us stomach are making a sounds. Everyone laugh. So we able to eat the last food in Ipoh. That is fried kuey teow, Seng Loong near the stadium.

Amboi, sedap nya. KL fried kuey teow is dried but this one is diff is wet type. The taste is just perfect nice, do not overcooked, do not have bau hangus also. I order fried kuey teow with kerang cost RM2.60. If include all the ingredient (kerang, prawn and egg) cost RM5.20. Got chance come to Ipoh eat the food that I haven't tried. Good night buddy~

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