Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lala Chong Seafood Restaurant, Kayu Ara

I had it with my boy on the One Malaysia Day, now it is the second time I visited here. This time with my colleagues; Ben, NC, and Jess.

Signature dish. Lala Soup. The lala, is not overcooked, just nice.

'Taufu Kang'. Recommended by Mindy.

Fried Squids.

'Shi San Fei Wu'. Must try must try. They put the salt around the fish and gril it. Place the fish meat in your mouth, chew it, and swallow it, you will feel the fish is fresh and do not have the bau hanyir.


Next day, Jess got to fly to Japan for work shadowing.

Subang (HQ): Lot PT 6824, Terminal 3, Abdul Aziz Shah Airport. Subang. Tel: 03-78591906
Kayu Ara: Lot 13556, Jalan Cempaka, Kayu Ara Damansara. 47400 Petaling Jaya. Tel: 03-77281906

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