Monday, October 4, 2010

Rakuzen, Desa Park City

Yesterday I had Rakezen at Desa Park City with my gal. In fact, we have no idea what to eat till we wondered around and look at the menu. Then I saw a very long lost tuiton teacher, Sir Samy. Unbelieavable, he still the same but he think a lot. And yet he still can recognize me. I'm his student who always called my name to sit in front. 'Angelina, come here and sit in front. Later you cannot catch up, you will go to coconut tree and become morons. If you dun want to become moron, so sit in front.' So I listen to his order, walk to the seat where he asked me to with my head down. I remembered my mum always sent me early to tuiton center. So, while waiting for the class begin, I usually go to the office, sit there and do nothing. So Sir Samy said next time bring your homework. Normally students will not listen but I listen. The next day I bring my maths homework do cause I believe he hit student with a thick rotan. I saw he use the rotan hit the students. Gulpppp. From that time, he always check my homework and guide me a lot. Hahaha. Cause my maths are sucks. He moved here just a month ago around Desa Park City.

Stamina Roll & Caterpillar Roll. The portion is big.

Grill Salmon Head. It's not overcooked. Just nice.

No idea what is it. My besties order, and it's kinda like stuffy. Do not try this.

Cawanmushi. It's spongggy. Haha.

The next table; a couple and two little boy. The little boy asked his dad why the Indian gal can eat with Chinese gal? I heard and I laugh. The little boy's dad explain this is because they are frens and one day you will have malays and indians frens too. The little boy like Ooooooooo.


Yvonne said...

the crunchy thing looks niceeee!! :D and yr indian tutor very funny.... hahahaha

~@nGeL~ said...

Haha, he is a great tutor~

c e c i l i a said...

haha! he also always scold me la!