Saturday, October 30, 2010

La Vida, Cyber Height Vila

We do know that Cyberjaya is Iranians territories. Haha. Nah, actually you can find quite a number of Iranians and Arabians food in Cyberjaya. CC brought me here. Once I enter to the restaurant; La Vida which is located at Cyber Height, I was amazed with the design. A very Iranians style of atmosphere. Iranian cuisine is also known as Persian cuisine. They use herbs frequently with fruits; plums, apricots, raisin, pomegranates, and quince. Their dishes are combination of rice with meat, lamb, chicken or fish (kebab style) and some onion and tomato and butter. It is delicious and the portion is big. Need to share with two people.

The entrance.

Interior design.

The step of eating: First you got to put butter in the middle of the rice then stir it together. Second place the tomato in the rice and mix it. Lastly, you may eat it.

Honeydew juice. Very juicy, no added water or sugar. Pure juice!

Persian Yogurt Juice. Sour and it's mint flavor.

Lamb and Beef Kebab with rice.

Chicken Kebab with rice.

Chicken Kebab with rice.

Address: La Vida Clubhouse. Cyber Heights Villa Clubhouse. 63000 Cyberjaya.
Telephone: 03-83185095.


mansonkit said...

Nice interiors and food, it look bit expensive from the interiors looks. Since the portion is big, it should be a great deal to eat at there.

~@nGeL~ said...

Not expensive to eat also, still affordable and reasonable.. You should try, next time come to Cyber I bringyou go to makan..

mansonkit said...

ok...i will coming cyber very soon.

~@nGeL~ said...

OkOk, i wait!!