Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dinner at KL (Halloween Eve)

Dad ask me whether I want to join them for dinner at KL. I said Yes since I got nothing to do at home. Dad brought us here at Lot10 Hutong. Dad's favourite beef noodle and fried hokkien noodle. All of us eat like nobody business - all of us are hungry.

After the dinner, CC and me go have a walk while my parents and little brother go to LowYat buy IT gadgets. We came across National Geographic shop. It is not as much as in Singapore. Here, just a cafe, soft toys and 3D books. I guess people drop here is for cafe. You can check out their menu. It's sounds delicious especially on the drinks section.

We walked to Pavilion, you can see some citizen dressed up for Halloween Night. Some are dead scary, some are funny. After the walk, we went for Sisha(Hookah). It is known as Water Pipe Smoking.It is a multi-stemmed for smoking where the smoke is cooled and filtered by passing through water. Originally from India and has gained popularity in Middle East country followed by North America, Europe, Austrlia and Brazil. The concept is the same as smoking but sisha do not smoke through our lung unlike u smoke a cigar. You just need to suck in your mouth and blew out.

That's the end of the night (Halloween Eve)

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