Saturday, November 6, 2010

Restaurant Saba, Cyberjaya

Arabian Food is originated from Arab World; from Morocco, Tunisia to Yemen and Somalia, Egypt and so on in Arabian Muslim country. They used spices to cook rice and meat; chicken, lamb and beef. From the menu, you can see the lamb is cheaper than the chicken. This is because they consume lamb more than chicken. This restaurant is always full house especially lunch time and 10pm (where Arabian and Iranians dinners time). Besides, the price is reasonable.
Restaurant Saba.

The Menu

Present this card (food order) when you pay your bill.

Curry Potato. Serve yourself. It's free.


Tomato Chilli.

Lamb Soup

Rice of Spices

Kabsa Chicken. You can order large or regular. Their portion is big - can share 2people.

Address: 4800 Suite, 0-2 Ground Floor. Block A1, Jalan Perdana. CBD Perdana Cyberjaya.
Telephone: 03-83202544

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