Saturday, November 6, 2010

Restoren Xiao Fei Yang, Uptown - Revisit

Here we are again, Xiao Fei Yang - Revisit. This time I had it with my ex-colleagues; Ben, Mindy, Jess, NianChee and Daniel.

 Pimping Hot.

 This is Daniel on the right. Ben really thin a lot compare to the last time I saw him. Hehe. It's a compliment, Ben. I bet you are giggling when you saw this.

 Folks, let's eat!. I'm hungry.

I damn piss off when Ben told me that I did not teach Eugene the Month End Report. This is so wrong. Mr.Eugene, I bet you go tell others that I did not teach you. Well done!. Should I honour an applause to you. I knew this will happen. When I'm KT to you, what are you doing? Ask yourself better you accused me! You are much lucky than me. People just teach me once, and I got to learn all by myself. Asshole fella. You will get what you had done. I believe in karma! High paid but this is the attitude kind of working you are doing. BULLSHIT. I did even complain when you called me up, asked me to guide you.

 I can't miss out either one of you guys. Without either one of you, it is not a complete one!. Miss ya.

End of our dinner. End of our camera shooting.

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