Monday, November 15, 2010

Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju Sdn Bhd, Bangsar

Had our banana leaf for dinner at Bangsar. The restaurant are full with different races, majority of the customers are Chinese.

Restoran Sri Nirwana Maju.

Recommended by CC. Better than the one I had at Devi's Corner but dessert are not provided here.

I love the mutton and fried fish.

Had a short walk at Bangsar Village before head to Midvalley to catch movie.

The movie is hilarious. Recommended to watch. Megamind acted by Will Ferrel, Metro man acted by Brad Pitt, Roxanne acted by Tina Fey, Minion (the fish) acted by David Cross, Bernard acted by Ben Stiller and Tighten acted by Jonah Hill where Megamind create a new foe to fight.


mansonkit said...

You been to nirwana at bangsar, The boss and her wife is running this business and got 3 branches as i still remember last time in 2008 (now not sure did opened new branches or not) Bangsar, Bukit Bintang and Subang Taipan. HAHA, why i am so sure? because he is my client before...hahahah~ Between bangsar branch is always full people from morning till evening. Thier food is not bad and bit pricey also..~ nyinesse

~@nGeL~ said...

your client? haha.. You sure force them to buy insurances or bank loan etc... XD

mansonkit said...

i didnt force them, we just have fate to meet each other to deal with loan business. Don't sound like i am chasing people everyday la..later people misunderstanding me and run away from me when saw me in street!

~@nGeL~ said...

Haha, yaya.. You are fated to meet everyone in different fields. Haha...