Sunday, November 14, 2010

Private Party Shangri-la Hotel, Putrajaya

CC's Birthday Party organized by someone *wink** Total number of people in the party is about 20. I helped her to bought buy 14pizzas, vodka and 3packs of ice. 14pizzas you must be kidding, seems like they are the big eater.Yup, Quite!

Executive Residential Suite.

CC and Loshini.

She is quite frustrated - ask them to come now ASAP and direct the road to the drivers.

Birthday Gal.

What can you say about this couple? Beh tahan. Loshini, CC's fren and me and the two couples sitting on the bed. And the two couples started out with kiss. Kiss for quite a long time. Hey couples, I know you two are damn loving. Can you just go get a room? Or maybe I'm jealous or heart broken (past).

Camwhore in the loo.

Sisha - belongs to Mohsen. He brought over. It is nice compare the one I had it in KL.

Little sister - Samantha.

CC's besties are here too.

Outside view of the hotel entrance.

Iranians friends.

After the blow candle section, I go back with Loshini, and CC's fren (who drunk already) and me balik first. The party end till 5am. Wow, I had never been partying till 5am since I study in Degree year. Now I'm old. Got no energy left.

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