Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Going Green

What can you tell about Going Green? Well, it is currently hot in every country but Malaysia having it too late (in my opinion). They should start it earlier. In another way, we can save the earths' age before the earth get a serious sick. As you can see now every shopping centre or mini mart practice 'Say No To Plastic Bag' on Saturday. It had implemented since I don't know when. It is a good start for eco-friendly, save environment and main things is save our health. Do you know last time in 70s or 80s, they do not have plastic bag provided when you take away your food. You got to bring along your tupperware in case you want to take away the food. In my opinion, this should practise. This is because plastic bag or polystyrene bag are unhealthy to our body - plastic bag or polystyrene bag made of and added some chemical, I guess. Besides, this can prevent from cancer which it is the top one health disease. Everyone is practicing Say No To Plastic Bag' include me. If Government really banned the plastic bag, the manufacturing factory will be close down and lots of people are unemployed (This one of the sad things that you can see the unemployment rate increase).

There are 5 reasons why people do not recycle and why should recycle.
Why people do not recycle?
1. Recycling is inconvenience - Who will be a good samaritan pick up the bottle and paper or can into the three recycle bin provided there? Who want to bother all these things? I rather paid  to DBKL ask them to do the job or it is their responsibility indeed (I think most of us will think of that).
2. Space at home - Who will willing to do a little storage just for recycle bins?
3. I will recycle if they paid me - There are no free lunch provide but charity is on your own willingness and how you care for the earth. Singapore fine their citizen who simply throw rubbish (Government should thought of it but I will object too but takes time to accept it) or some countries pay for collecting the bottle or papers (maybe it works).
4. Does it make any different by recycling - Of course it is. Our climate change, pollution and dirty environment you wanna to live with it (Hell NO)
5. Lazy to do - we do not have the motivation to do it unless the environment force to and ain't got any choices. Human always use by force to follow the flow or environment till they accept.

Why people should recycle?
1. Help the climate problems - less carbon, carbon monoxide, greenhouse gas omission etc.
2. Save energy - Use recycle material can keeps the production cost down. Do not need to invent new product from natural resources.
3. Reduce landfills - It is a normal case which happens to every countries. No one wants to live next to a landfill.
4. Preserves the resources and protect wildlife - We had destroy the animals habitats; trees are use to produce papers.
5. Good for economy - The demand of goods (made from recycled materials) will increase better than create pollution and so on.

Furthermore, we as a consumer should be the one to blame (Haha!!) cause this is how a society is and should start doing it as a practice.
- Check and fix any leak water (This happen to my washing machine but I just ignore it because I tak tahu how to fix).
- Shop with a eco-friendly bag (supermarket are selling) and paper bags instead of plastic bags. (Force to use eco-friendly bag or else no shopping and buy things on the other day)
- Print and copy on both sides of paper.
- Reuse items such as envelopes and paper clips.
- Clean the air filters the air conditioning once a month (Haha, I don't think so I will do it).
I did argue with my colleague about the earth age, saying the earth can leave til 5079 which is End of The World. He even send me the link. Check it out, Baba Vanga. I got no comment about Baba Vanga. What I can say is take care of the earth but dun end up like 2012 and Knowing movie. Actually those movie are hinting or advising or telling to co-operate to save the earth.

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