Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sunshine (Bird's Nest Delights), Sunway Giza

Here I am at the Sunshine - Bird's Nest Delights. I thought it is a special one so drop by and give it a try. I always seen HongKong(HongKies) eat egg tart bird nest and porridge bird nest seems SEDAP. It is a small cafe with a total of 7tables only. 

 Egg Tart Bird Nest.RM5.90 each.

 Nothing special, just a normal egg tart and add a spoon of bird nest on the egg tart. For me, I don't know what is the exact taste of it. Maybe different here and the HongKong selling like a hot cakes there.

 Porridge Bird Nest.RM17.90.

Can pass just that the porridge (chinese wine rice, fish and bird nest) are too watery. Stir the bird nest into the porridge and smell the aroma of the chinese wine rice added in the porridge. And you can eat it. Enjoy!


mansonkit said...

so expensive....

~@nGeL~ said...

Yes it is expensive. Once in a life time, nvm la. Always eat not worth to eat.