Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pepper Lunch, Pavilion

  Mysterious Lady.

Complicated Lady.

This is the place where CC brought me here. Last time I used to pass by this shop, never thought of trying because I felt it is not worth to eat and expensive. Well I can said dun judge by it's cover, you will never know what is the content of the book same apply to people as well. First of all, straight go to counter and order the food which you wanted to eat and pay. The cashier will give you a number. A waiting number. Get a place to sit and wait for your food to be served.

Garlic Soya Sauce.

Honey Brown Sauce.

Pepper Lunch.

Here's our food; rice, beef and cheese. It is a sizzling hot plate. First, choose your favourite sauce either Garlic Soya Sauce or Honey Brown Sauce around the rice and stir together then you can eat your meal.

Spagethhi Salmon. Pour the carbonara sauce around the spagethhi and stir together then you are ready to eat your meal.
 Camwhore with the webcam.

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