Saturday, January 1, 2011

Ipoh Trip

This is my previous post about Ipoh trip (part1, part2, part3 and part 4). The purpose of going to Ipoh is Food Fair Performance. Unfortunately, we couldn't find the place given by the newspaper. We found the street and place where food fair gonna to held but there is nothing. Maybe the food fair close earlier. No idea. Reach hotel check in and start our journey. We pass by the soya bean stall and bought soya bean drinks and tau fu fa and search for our lunch.

 Funny Mountain; Soya Bean Drinks and Tau Fu Fa.

Had our lunch at Moon Moon.

 Top left is a seafood noodle, sandong pan mee, spicy herbs stomach pig noodle and loh mee (clockwise). All is a normal noodle just the spicy herbs stomach pig noodle funny taste of combination.

 Here we are Perak Cave. 

 Went in there pray and climb the uphill little mountain. Reach till the top, the scenery spoil because it face the factory area.

 Daddy bought us here where he used to eat here. A famous Kuey Teow Chicken. It is different than the others I had. They used prawn blended into a watery form as a soup based and add chicken soup. That is how their soup are different than others.

 Thean Chun.

 Beef Noodle.
 Famous Kuey Teow Chicken

 Top left: beef noodle(opposite Sam Tet primary school are better than this), Kuey Teow Chicken (best I ever had) and egg dessert - clockwise.

 Full House!

After had our meal, head to hotel get some rest before going out for dinner. It's kinda disappointed came here - food fair tak ada!. I brought my family to the hawker stall opposite Sam Tet Primary School.

 Wan Tan Mee.

 Beef Noodle.

 The appetizer before we had our dinner. >< I thought of bringing them where Mindy brought us to the Kedai Kum Kee, Jalan Sekolah but we couldn't find it even though we use GPS. I remember Mindy brought us that area is near by housing area. Then we asked the local, they asked which Jalan Sekolah because there is lot of street name Jalan Sekolah. I was like @.@. No choice skip this plan and went to town to search for food.

 Lou Wong Tauge Chicken.

 Full house....

 Pork ball and sotong ball.


 Chicken. Their chicken is under cook!! How can they serve this kind of uncook dish to customer and yet lots of people eat. Maybe their FungSui good ><". Then we walked around the town before going back to hotel.
Next morning we had our breakfast at the hotel where the breakfast is provided. Their breakfast is nothing much. Just had 2plates then back to hotel room and packed up to check out. Bought some tit-bits from a shop before we had head to Foh San for DimSum. CC love DimSum so so much.

 Full House but all is self service. Maybe it's still public holiday.

 Chicken feet, siew mai, har mai, egg tarts and fried yam.

 Chee cheong fun, jelly chestnut (not to sweet, just nice for older citizen to eat LOVE IT), dumpling and siew pao.

 Fried fishball (homemade fishball) and claypot porridge.

 We need a serious walk. Our stomach gonna to burst! Here we are San Poh Tong Cave.

Spotted a puppy. Goshhh, felt like wanted to bring him or her back and rare it. Haha. That's the end of the Ipoh trip.

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