Tuesday, February 22, 2011

FGS Dong Zen Temple, Jenjarum

The last minutes plan. Re-plan the journey to FGS Dong Zen Temple at Jenjarum. Every year FGS Dong Zen Temple had different theme. This year was not bad but I prefer the last two years where you can see the different kinds of flower placed on the floor in a big open hall. Before we get in the temple, Ben wanted to have something to fill in his stomach. So we ate lok-lok (mini steamboat van).

Chai Sheng Dou, God of Wealth.

Wish lists hangs on the tree.

My dear Jess, love this globe a lot... She keep saying the whole night 'I love this Globe. It's so beautiful. This is proven I got taste.' Haha.... Ben claimed, 'I'm hungry, can we go eat our supper first?'

Ben brought us to eat hokkien mee at Uptown.
According to Ben, mostly the customer will order Hokkien mee and fried rice. The food quality was not really standard, depends on the chef mood.

Hokkien noodle + bihun - cooked to soft. So it is not really that nice. Gou Lou at Taman Daya that is the best I had it ever. But got to wait an hour. You got to wait patiently.

Fried rice - ingredients: cabbage, Chinese dry sausage, eggs and white rice. This is really good although I dun really fancy fried rice.

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