Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Restoren Sai Kong, Kepong Baru - Annual Dinner

Every year Dad's company annual dinner is at the same place. This time foods are new some are the same as last year I guess ><" But this year I decorated a menu ordered by my mum. Can't believe it Loshini said it is not a rabbit!! I so susah payah do the origami rabbit and yet she said it.... I forgot which animal my origami rabbit refer to. So sad..

The menu. I decorated it but the handwritting is so obviously is not belong to me, my mum.

Origami Rabbit. Does it look like a rabbit?? 

Grapes as an appetizer.

Limited Edition Black Label.

Lou Sang known as Prosperity Meals.
Lou Sang Ingredients: Plum Sause, Salmon Fish (slice thinly), Pickled Seaweeds, Peanuts (ground coarsely), White Radish, Carrot, three colours of crackers, and spring onion (slice thinly).

Scallop with Appragus.

Steam Fish.

Pork Ribs. 

Fish Maw (Stomach Fish) and Sea Cucumber.


Steam Frog. Taste like a chicken.

Fried Prawns served with tomato sauce.

Kampung Chicken with vegetables.

After the dinner section, uncles, aunts, and dad's worker will be started to sing 'We will we will rock you'...
That's how all the company annual dinner ended normally.

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