Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tien Hiong Kee Seafood Restaurant, Subang Old Airport

Last 2weeks Friday (Chor 9), Ben organize to meet up. Everyone is there except Mindy as she said she is super busy since she back from overseas. So Ben brought us to Tien Hiong Kee Seafood Restaurant located at Subang Old Airport. The environment is just like the other Restaurant - style of cooking: home-cook.

Salted Egg Prawns -I don't know how does it taste. According to others, it is good.

Fried Squid - recommend by the boss. It is crispy, tender just they had over fried the squid.


Kam Heong or Gong Pou Lala. Forgot which one cause I can't differentiate it.

After our dinner, we had second round where we wanted to go to Fong Dong Zhen Temple at Jenjarum. Every year the decoration, tittle and the theme are different. We talk so loud till we din realize Ben's car tyre had puncture. Ben got to stop at the road side. The tyre was totally flat. We was like WOW. So Ben got to change the tyre and go back to his house change another car before head to yamcha session. The plan to Jenjarum had cancel.

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