Monday, February 7, 2011

Rabbit Year - Happy Chinese New Year

Final exam ended right before Chinese New Year. Final exam was kinda sucks, I guess. Busy with assignment then straight prepare for finals where there is no study week given. Totally pack, jam, lost concentration =.="

 This is a pack of various nuts given by Kamran. It's different than our Malaysian's nuts here.

Had it as tit-bits when I'm hungry.

According to Chinese traditions, Chinese New Year may impact our life through out the whole year. Most of the Chinese will study their own animal horoscope about career, love life, health, etc. To lift up a prosperous and healthy, a person will stimulate positive energy at home, and business. Chinese New Year also represent a good fortune which bring good grades to students, business prosperous to businessman / businesswomen, and health improve.

During Chinese New Year Eve, mum cook salted and sour chicken. Miss mummy home cook food:)

Steam Chicken.


Hakka pork.

Sea Cucumber with oyster.

Shark Fin Soup. *thumbs up**

Camwhore-ing using iPhone4.

Uno Game. This is how I spent my Chinese New Year Eve.
1st Day of CNY - on the way back to hometown.

4th Day of CNY - went to Pavilion for window shopping, bump up our cousin, Bryan Wilfred.

CNY mood at Pavilion.

Ayman commented I look like Devon Aoki?? Do I? Haha

Happy Rabbit Year. May you guys career, studies, health and wealth goes smooth through out the whole year. Happy Chinese New Year!!

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