Friday, January 28, 2011

Miss you, Naughty

This Maltese breed named Naughty. Isn't He look adorable?

Arghhh, I adore you so much although you like to pee and shit. I will never forget that Naughty shit on my bed when I was about going to bed. It was like 3sth am. Cause next day I have my final exam. I got to scold him, put him to the place where He suppose to shit on the newspaper. I had to clean my bed before took him to wash his little ass. Naughty is not belong to mine, just pinjam a day to play around with him.

He loves people to carry him so much. Pamper him like a baby.

Naughty is sleeping. Yup, Naughty do look like a doll in this pictures but you see the real him like a white cloths walking around.

Naughty got a habit. He loves to kiss at human's mouth! It is sweet indeed but dirty.
Maybe He is not my dog.

Like a soft doll.

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