Thursday, January 20, 2011

Curry Noodle, Serdang

Last night, I had curry noodle at Serdang (near my grandma's house) with Victor, CEO and Matthias. I have no idea what time the stall open but it sells till late night. I went there was about 1am and it is CROWDED. The stall is located at the corner opposite the Restaurant Hoi Tong Steamboat (I didn't knew it has move which is even near by to my grandma's house. The first time i had it with my Bachelor friends during first year.)

  Dry chillies.

Dry salted vegetables.

Curry noodle. Add dry chillies and dry salted vegetables in your bowl if you want to.

 Stir up and you are ready to eat. The ingredients are noodles, fu chok, and fried taufu. Every curry are added coconut for better taste. They added coconut more than a little ( I don't know how much the coconut needed to add but better not to put too much) which makes your stomach full and stuffy. Overall still acceptable *wink**

 Yong Tau Fu, That's what we had for our supper. Super full, man!!

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