Friday, April 15, 2011

El Meson, Bangsar

This post suppose to be posted a month ago due to my laziness and busy-ness XD. There is always a change of plan whenever comes for lunch or dinner. It is as usual as always. My sis and I decided to try Outback Steakhouse at Bangsar. But it did not happen. We stopped by an ambiguous and cozy environment Spanish Restaurant - El Meson (Click on it). It is located just opposite the New Wing Bangsar Village. So we decided to give it a try and guess what. The food is awesome. Best appetizer, and main course. We did not order dessert cause we are damn full. My sis and I cant stop resisting the delicious of the food. Keep comment 'It is so goood', 'Perfect', 'OMG, it's so good'. Haha..... The food is really damn GOOD!!

The environment of Spanish Restaurant. 

Tempting Dessert.

First Appetizer: Hot Tapas - Bread serve with butter and mushroom. 
You can either eat with the butter (You can felt the butter melt in your mouth instantly) or the mushroom (I still can't forget the taste of the mushroom, Perfectly Heaven)

Second Appetizer: Cold Tapas - It is a mixture of ham, cheese, nuts, etc. I forgot the name of the dish. But this dish is highly recommended. Awesome dishes~
A closer look.

Third Appetizer: Cold Tapas - Goat's Cheese Salad served with organic baby spinach, rocket, walnuts and honey dressing. Must try. Perfect Combination.

A closer look. Normally I don't fancy eating salad but this salad caught my eye and mouth attention. Haha.

Main Course: Black Pig (without camera flash). Sounds funny, so I ordered. Well, it is no difference. The taste is just a normal pork I had. The cooking is normal but I'm tired of bite-ing (all is pork). Perfectly well.

Black Pig (withcamera flash).

 Main Course: Black Rice served with dried shrimp, squid and onion. I have no idea how the black rice form into. Does black rice really exist or they just put colouring??? I love this than the Black Pig dishes. 
*Thumbs Up**

Address: No.61-63, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru. 59100 Kuala Lumpur.
Telephone: 03-22828290


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