Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 1 - Beijing

A very late late post. My family, uncle, aunt and me went to Beijing. Flight is at 9am and reached Tianjian around in the evening and tour guide bring us to Beijing. The journey from TianJian to Beijing is about one and half hour if I'm not mistaken. The tour guide have to separate into 3groups as there are 90 of us. Each group will lead by a tour guide. 

 We reach Beijing is almost in the evening.Tour guide brought us to dinner; Blue-White Porcelain Buffet (buffet dinner) - given an hour.

It is a Chinese-based-buffet. 

After dinner, we went to National grand Theater which is known as National Center for Performing Arts. Whenever you go holiday in China, you will be watching Theater show. It is so-so only. I do prefer the 3D show in China the last trip I had went. It was spectacular.

After the show, we were proceed to the hotel. On the way to hotel, you can see the night view of Beijing was quiet. Dad asked who want to walk around outside. My siblings and me answered ME. Dad stopped by a fruit stall and satay stall. We brought a few.

A closer look.

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