Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 2 - Beijing

Early in the morning, we went to visit Tiananmen Square (means Gate of Heavenly Peace) known as Forbidden City. It is an enormous palace, largest square and rectangle plaza in the center of Beijing. The Imperial Palace was occupied for three dynasties. The weather was cool breezy and yet windy. It's so cold!! 

Sporting Uncle Aunt.

The river was frozen, maybe you can skate on the frozen river. Haha...

Tiananmen Square.

View inside the palace.

This is a hall where the King and the congress have meeting.

I'm amazed with the palace design and architectural on how ancient people build it where they dun have tractor to bring up the materials to the top.

This is a place where you came out from the palace and you will saw a picture of a man whom is the first Prime Minister in China.

Next destination: Panda. It's a MUST place to visit when you arrive in Beijing. 

Pandas hibernating.

Wall of signature from walks of life.

Next destination: Capital Muzeum. There are five levels in the building. Each level represent different things.

In the museum, you can learn each dynasties lead to different lifestyle or usage of bowls, spoon, plates, beds and so forth.

This is 'bing tang wu lu'. It is one of the famous sweet in Beijing. It can be fruits or red date dip in a honey and dry it and you are ready to eat. 

Next destination: Stadium of Opera. It is an egg design where the half of the egg deep inside the water.

We having Beijing Steamboat (hot pot) for dinner. 

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