Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Day 3 -Beijing

Had breakfast as usual in mantao (Chinese Steam Bun), noodle, vegetables, porridge served with salted vegetables and Chinese teas. It is quite boring with these breakfast.

Before I get myself some sleep, I able to take a few of amazing building design. What an amazing idea of architecture.

Shopping Mall.

Next Destination: Great Wall of China. 
It is one of the greatest wonders of the world. In 1987, it was listed as a World Heritage given by UNESCO. The design like a gigantic dragon and the winds blow up and down across deserts, grasslands, mountains and plateaus. It was 8,851.8 kilometers long which is 5,500 miles from east to west of China. Great Wall of China have more than 2000years. It was build during Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644 which is 476BC - 221BC.

I'm really really amazed how ancient people able to build 5,500 miles that long! I'm was stun. I am really.

There are some parts of the wall has gone in shape or disappeared where the Government using semen to close the patches. Does the wonder building around the world manage to maintain it? In Cambodia, there are trying to fix it using semen but no matter how, the design of the building yet still can't be copied exactly the same. Last time ancient people use sand and water to build it up, now in modern generation use semen. Also, Government of Cambodia trying to fix the building which had collapsed. It is normal that the building collapse due to the weather changes. And yet it is somehow Great Wall of China do still appeal tourist attractions.

It is quite tiring climbing up the stairs. The stair was 90 degree same as the one I went to Cambodia. But Great Wall of China is better, at least they have a staircase hanger for you to hold while you climb up. I remember I went to Cambodia I climb like a monkey cause the stair is way too steep. That time I having fear to climb up. Scary... It is quite windy and cold. Dad, sis, bro and me manage to climb till half of the Tower2 where we are about to reach Tower3. Lucky, I don't feel my leg muscle pain or tighten. I had this feeling when I went to Cambodia. It is really pain @.@

Next Destination: Lunch time!! Everyone was so hungry. I guess all the fats have burned when we climb the Great Wall of China.

Next Destination: Tea Shop. Normally, Chinese people have a practice that after had your meal, we will drink tea for digestion. In another words, they believe tea can wash your fats oil.

Next Destination: Nine Bar Street. Before we came to this destination, we went for foot massage. This is another tradition in China. 

The whole street is bar where this is the only night life in China you can found.

Cotton Candy. I'm loving it.

Ewwww... Horrible people eat this stuff.

Bing Tang Wu Lu.

Nice beef soup. I can't forget the sensation of the food. Haha. It is true, man.

Next Destination: Dinner time.

Jia Jia Mian - This noodle originated from Korea. Recommended from the tour guide.

Add sauce into the noodle.

Stir in and you are ready to eat.

Chicken Sauce with vegetables.

Black Fungus (Mushroom type).

Clay-pot Japanese Taufu.

After dinner, we walked down the food street. There are varieties of foods selling at different price.

Sis bought a yogurt milk and it is delicious. Nice to drink while it is served hot.

My brother bought a worm. Fried worm and try it. I put the fried worm in my mouth, then I chew it then when I want to swallow it, I vomit it out. The tourist (Australian I think) saw i vomit the fried worm and decided not to buy anymore. It is so awful. How can they eat reptilians, insects and etc. What a food!!

The night view of Beijing. That's the end of the third day in Beijing.

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