Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 4 - Beijing

Next morning, we head to another palace. I forgot what is the palace name as I am not paying attention to the tour guide giving a brief about the palace. 

Main Gate.

This look like a picture is it? But is is not a picture. It is a real scenery!!

Real scenery too!!

Ancient Chinese Writing.

Blossom Flower. In the palace, there is a big rock which bring mis-fortunate luck as long as you keep the rock. Tour guide will not allow us to take which believe it bring disaster luck. According to the tour guide, there is once wealthy man fond this rock and bring back home. Later on, his business getting worst goes to brankcrupt, family health getting weak and so on. So the wealthy man invite the fortunate teller to check the house fungsui. The fortunate teller told the rock brings bad luck so the wealthy man throw the rock away and his business and family health back to normal.

Mandarin Duck known as couple duck.

Next Destination: Stadium Olympic. It is a good place to fly kites. It is windy.

Next destination: Silk Shop where you will not miss it.It's kinda MUST in every China you have visited.

Next destination: Shopping Mall where you can find anything you want. They do sell branded stuff but it's fake. I don't really like the way they sell cause they are terrible RUDE!. As you pass by their stall, you can hear those voices shouting here and there to attract customer. If you are unlucky, they will simply put the stuff around your arm, or pull your hand to buy it or stuff the things in your pocket. You might not know cause this is how China people deal business. They use FORCE to make the business deal. And there are RUDE people. 

Next destination: Dinner (our own expenses).

Cold Salted Chicken.


Shanghai Steam Bun which is a signature dish in Shanghai.

Spicy Pork Potato - it is good but they put too much oil.

Next destination: The Place-Beijing. 
It is a new mall which is easy to spot because there have digital canopy sweep over the central outdoor plaza - the biggest LCD screen in Asia.

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