Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Arisu, Kota Damansara - Revisit

The exact date to celebrate Mother's Day and Birthday with mummy... Dad, CC, Boy and me decide to bring mum out for dinner. We bring her to eat Korean Food at Arisu, Kota Damansara. Well, Arisu had change (no more free ice cream which is self-service).

Happy Birthday + Happy Mother's Day Mum.

Shoot 1

Shoot 2

Rice Tea, Sauce, Vegetables and Cooked Vegetables. Hahaha

Spinach, KimChi Cake, Seaweed and KimChi.

Fried Peanunt Honey and Ikan Bilis Honey, Vegetables with Taufu, Steam Fishcakes and Steam Rice.

Perfect marinated pork, beef and bacon.

Hope you do enjoy your day, mum. Wish you all the best and good in health condition. Muackkkk.. You are my everything~~ You are a good mum.

Address: 32/3, Jalan 5/16, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. 47810 PJ.
Telephone: 03-61405507

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