Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maraneh's Birthday

Maraneh's Birthday was celebrated last two weeks ago. A day before her birthday, Ali (her boyfriend) send Sheila and me a message about surprising Maraneh's birthday in the classroom after the class end. So the next day, before the class about to end, Sheila give direction to Ali where is our class is. I saw Ali holding a birthday cake with candles on, walking towards our class. So here he is. Maraneh was shock cause Ali told her that he went for vacation. When Ali place the cake on the chair, Maraneh still couldn't move from her chair till Sheila call her. She was something like awake from shock.

Ali & Maraneh


Maraneh, Me, Nastaran and Sheila.

Three sisters.

Dr.Eddy & Maraneh

Class of SKM1.

RezaSamsam, RezaAmiri, Maraneh and SayedAli.

Tavalodet Mobarak, azizam. Wish you all the best in undertaking future, azize delam. XOXO

Ali & his friends.

Kamyar, SaHar & Arash.

Foad & Maraneh.

Maraneh & Jamal.


SayedAli invite all of us include Maraneh's bf and his fren for dinner at KFC. Sheila's bf is here too! Enjoy the crowd.

Gifts from friends~

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